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Bronte Surf Club was one of the model lighthouse surf clubs who are embarking on sustainability and clean energy initiatives used in a sample survey by the SLSA of the 305 clubs around the country.

The Clean Energy Survey and report led by one of our acive patrol members, Stephen Bargwanna, and his team from Maunsell:AECOM, a leading international engineering design company. The results of the survey will be released shortly by the SLSA.

One result is that all surf clubs in Australia generate from their energy consumption enough CO2 each year to fill 1200 Olympic srimming pools!

Knocking some of this off would certainly help our bit in the global warming control struggle, before the sea comes lapping up our boat room doors! Other model clubs in NSW that contributed were Tathra and North Steyne led by lliving legends, Matt Nott and Jo Cooper.

our environment

Our Aim is not only to be a Non Carbon Producing Club but also to significantly increase our community education regarding ALL aspects of our sustainability program and Climate Change in general.

We intend to produce enough energy from renewable sources so the Club can sell energy back to the grid giving the Club additional funds. We are currently researching ALL avenues of Sustainability including the newer technologies of WIND, TIDAL and WAVE power.

Our DREAM is for a BRONTE Foreshore and Club that is a beautiful AND sustainable example of embracing this imminent challenge we have facing All of us!


our community

Firstly the domestic application of this whole project is very exciting. We want what we are doing at the Club to be an example to not only other clubs and organizations alike but to households as well.

The club has the potential to be a very powerful active and passive information resource. We are keen to establish the northern wall at the top of the stairs as an information wall-keeping the community informed.

We are keen to host a series of sustainability events every year in conjunction with Waverly Council, Surf Life Saving Australia, and other community interests such as schools.

We will encourage the active monitoring of the initiatives to provide real data feedback and encourage active research on the site. We have established a separate bank account to capture tax effective donations, quarantined for the specific application to sustainability projects.

We will continue to work with Surf Life Saving Australia’s ECOSURF initiative in the dispersal of information and supplier negotiation and with our landlord Waverley Council in raising awareness.

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