Bronte Surf Club

solar panels

We currently have 2kwatts of solar and aim to increase this to a 12kw system.

We are interested and are reviewing any applicable generation or storage technology that our site can utilise.

We have a solar hot water unit installed and aim to have 2 more which will cover all water heating needs of the club.

water recycling

We have been successful in our applications for grants and will continue to apply for appropriate funding.

We have been working with Sydney water to monitor and optimise our water usage and review our re-use opportunities.

There are two primary applications for re-cycled water.
1. Toilet flushing
2. Board/gear wash-down

Our intention is to establish two board/gear wash-down sites, one adjacent to the rear board/gear storage area.

In both instances wash-down water will be captured in a sump, pumped via a treatment system to a holding tank and re-used for wash down.

All taps are being fitted with anti-drip devices and all toilets are dual flush with recycled water.

Numerous water tanks are being and will be installed at various points around the club.

wind turbine

We have discussed at length the use of wind turbines at Bronte because when the sun is not shining the wind is usually howling.

Wind is a very efficient form of electricity generation and we are currently working with Nepean Engineering in the development of a silent and beautiful Australian made wind turbine.

beautification of bronte

We have started work on a major art project where by using our beautiful coastal environment as our inspiration we plan to create a functional, informative and aesthetically pleasing Bronte Promenade.

Solar Panels
Installing the 2kwatt solar system

Solar Panels
Malcolm Turnbull and our envirosurf volunteers
at the opening the Clubs 2kwatt solar system

Anti-drip devices to increase our water saving
Anti-drip devices to increase our water saving

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