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Sustainability and becoming Carbon Neutral

In 2005 Bronte Surf Life Saving Club decided to begin the process of making their club more sustainable and to work toward the longer term goal of Carbon Neutrality.

All members of the governing body were enthusiastic as they could see the growing concern about Climate Change and the potentially devastating effects upon the planet. Being a Surf Life Saving Club and at the forefront of many of these effects they felt it was their responsibility to make whatever changes necessary to the Club and its surrounds.

In the same way that Major John Bond in 1903 had a simple community idea that became Surf Lifesaving, the largest volunteer organisation in the world, we believe that if we show and foster environmental initiatives that we may be able to help our community in demonstrating what can be done to arrest climate change.

Envirosurf is that initiative.

saving lives and our environment

Bronte Surf Life Saving Club
2,917kg CO2

Our Main Initiatives

Sustainable Energy Sustainable Energy - harnessing the sun and wind, hydro and tide.
Water Recycling Water Recycling - capture and re-use.
Domestic Applications The Process - how to start your own energy saving techniques.
Sustainability Embassy Our Community - getting ideas and solutions into the community.
Fundraising Events Fundraising Events - raising awareness, engaging the community and raising funds.
Everyday Hero Build a Hero Page - help us reach our fundraising targets with your own hero page.

We are working with Surf life Saving Australia’s Ecosurf initiative in the dispersal of information and supplier negotiation; and with Waverley Council i-n raising the sustainability awareness.

We can make a difference, and this is a community initiative that needs the support, enthusiasm, commitment
and the creative input of our membership.

The Hunt Foundation Major supporter of the Envirosurf program is The Hunt Foundation

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